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Kelly is the storyteller, Saint the beat maker – a shared love of 60’s music, ye ye girls and old Brigitte Bardot movies creates the foundation for their unique blend of indie pop - a mix of hip-hop and electronica with a strong retro vibe and catchy pop melodies telling stories of independence, female power and swagger.

The collaboration is over a decade in the making; born worlds apart, Kelly in Pennsylvania and Saint in Sweden, they met while they both were hustling for success on New York City’s indie music scene.They became fast friends and supporters of each other’s careers. Their musical directions completely opposite - Kelly a singer-songwriter, Saint into electronic music, it was not obvious that they would be working together.

- “I have always loved Kelly’s songwriting, the way she tells a story “, Saint says. “Her songs are like little mini movies, so vivid and full of “sturm und drang”. The music I was doing at the time was very different – hard hitting electronic pop with tongue in cheek lyrics and tons of attitude, total party music. We always talked about making music together but nothing ever came of it.”

The birth of Kelly + Saint came after Saint spent a weekend in upstate New York “breathing in the hippie vibes of Woodstock”. Back at her cabin Saint produced the track that became “Lover And. A Rebel”, a different sounding creature demanding a new approach and she immediately thought of Kelly. “I could hear her voice on it and I started imagining what story she could tell over this beat and I got excited”, Saint says. Saint sent Kelly the track together with some pictures of Brigitte Bardot for inspiration. Boom!

- “My style of writing has mainly been a steady stream of connected stories, similar in feeling and style all around” Kelly says. “Working on my last three records I had a process and that's always where it brought me. The first time I stepped into the studio with Saint to begin this collaboration something lit up inside of me. For the first time in my career I felt this overwhelming stimulation. Like a powerful rebirth. It just made sense. Why weren't we do this all along? Saint is well situated in this industry and has been for years. Having the opportunity to collaborate with someone so talented and respected for her work is incredible. I can't wait to unleash this to the world.”

The duo is currently in the studio working on a full-length album. “We both write, we both play instruments, we both sing” Saint says describing their creative process. “We throw every idea we get into the mix and then sort it out, pick out the best parts and piece together a song”.

The first release will be “Lover And A Rebel” due out later this spring. “It’s got my swagger and Kelly’s soul”, Saint says of “Lover And A Rebel”. “It’s like the perfect musical baby…”.

Kelly+Saint "Lover And A Rebel"
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